The Breakfast Club: The Ride Home [page 2]

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July 10, 2019

Alberto writes:

Mitchell SD

WHOA Nelly!

Out the window the trees a dancing. Dancing? More like doing gymnastics.

The wind must be 40 miles an hour and add gusting to it.

I had covered my bike last night, this morning the cover was 10 feet away caught on Laura’s bike, else that cover would be on the next county.

Laurita is having a bit of tummy problem, so we departed around 9:00 am.

Gas station across the street, got gas and wooowhooo! Hit the road.

Not so fast buckaroo! That wind is nasty!

I kept thinking;

Laura’s bike does not have a windshield
Laura is a motorcycle newbe
After not long, she ain’t gonna last.

Sure enough. After 15 miles on highway 90 she stops under a highway bridge and politely says “guys, I’m scared. Worse whenever a truck passes me, I really get whacked around!”

We took the next exit. What a surprise! Other motorcycles are doing the same thing. All suffering and complaining about the wind.

A cup of hot-chocolate, a little rest is the medicine needed to recompose. A bit of re-planning in needed.

We decided finding an alternate road other than the freeway (Hwy 90)… SR 38, is a two Lane road with NO TRUCKS! It Goes parallel and takes us to Mitchell our intended “first” destination in 50 miles.

Mitchell has “The Corn Palace”. Yes, CORN. Back in the early days, to attract people and business, they did that sort of thing. Some town, Plankinton SD in 1891, had the “Grain Palace” and they were making a ton of money. Hey! We have corn! And in 1892 Mitchell had their Corn Palace, “the only one in the world” or so they claim. It attracts top of the line performers and lately Barak Obama, no less did a political rally.

Enough of history…. back to reality, motorcycle riding, ahhh, what a nice thought.

We are walking inside the Corn Palace, the wind outside is ripping and roaring.

“Hey Laurita, ready?” “Hit the road girl?”

Yeah, right! staying in mitchell and skip riding the rest of the day seems more like it. So, today A whopping 79 miles.

The day is done.

We are at a motel, nice and cozy.


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