Sunday Morning Breakfast Club

Riding to Breakfast

Riding to Breakfast

The Breakfast Club:
A Sunday Morning Motorcycle Ride

A loose affiliation of riders…

Riding to breakfast (and beyond) Sunday mornings since 1949



Mar 19: Mini Report
WWWobble writes:

Not many for breakfast in Livermore today, but there should have been since Neil hosted, many thanks. Plus, service, food, and environment were first rate.

Markus and I “volunteered” to check out Mines / San Antonio Road over Mt Hamilton and down into San Jose.

Road condition better than expected. No significant water crossings. Most landslide debris cleared from the main road, in fact, road adhesion going up the East side to Mount Hamilton is nicer now than is typical in the heat of summer. Down the west side mostly clean and all good, except you must exit on Quimby as west of that 130 is still closed.

Mar 12: Riders Gallery
A group picture taken at Bill’s on Harry’s birthday. In a sometime SMBC tradition the birthday boy bought breakfast for the group. Thanks, Harry.
Mar 05: Riders Gallery
When the weather forecast calls for showers some go to the scheduled restaurant, others go to the rainy day backup restaurant.
Feb 26: Riders Gallery
Another new bike in the group and an after breakfast ride on a sunny winter day.

A picture of “Lake Pescadero” was added to the 02/12 Riders Gallery entry.

Feb 12: Riders Gallery
A special update to the Jan 29 Riders Gallery entry with a report from the field by the pal who helped Poul get his broken bike home. Pictures, too, of course.
Feb 12: Riders Gallery
Baby news, new bike, and vintage cars.
Feb 05: Riders Gallery
Plenty of bikes and riders on Super Bowl Sunday.
Jan 29: Riders Gallery
The first new bike of the new year. Markus has a ‘16 Africa Twin.