Sunday Morning Breakfast Club

Riding to Breakfast

Riding to Breakfast

The Breakfast Club:
A Sunday Morning Motorcycle Ride

A loose affiliation of riders…

Riding to breakfast (and beyond) Sunday mornings since 1949

The SMBC 2019 Schedule

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Jun 23: Riders Gallery
Ten riders for breakfast the first Sunday of the summer.
Jun 11: Trip Report
The ride is over for Alberto. He’ll recuperate from his appendicitis for a few days at Buel’s before heading home.
Jun 9: Trip Report
Rain on the road.
Jun 8: Trip Report
Straight roads, hot weather, and a dropped bike.
Jun 6: Trip Report
Escalante, a 3 star restaurant.
Jun 5: Trip Report
Words and pics from Alberto – a stop at the Grand Canyon
Jun 3: Trip Report
Not really a trip report. At least not yet. Alberto, Chris, and Jeff are off to the BMW MOA National Rally. I’ll keep updating this report with the pics that Alberto sends me. I’m sure a full report will eventually be added to suppliment the pictures.
May 6: Riders Gallery
Eight riders at breakfast in Hollister.
Apr 28: Riders Gallery
A few pictures from after breakfast at Beach Street, Watsonville and the following ride.