Sunday Morning Breakfast Club

Riding to Breakfast

Riding to Breakfast

The Breakfast Club:
A Sunday Morning Motorcycle Ride

A loose affiliation of riders…

Riding to breakfast (and beyond) Sunday mornings since 1949

The SMBC 2022 Schedule


Sep 27: Trip Report
Nine riders spent several nights camping in Kings Canyon.
Aug 28: Riders Gallery
Pictures and a few comments about the annual banquet and awarding of the boot.
Aug 21: Trip Report
Several riders braved central valley temperatures to go to the Sacramento Mile flat track races. Harry reports.
Aug 15: Le Roy
Sad news. Le Roy Larson passed away last month at the age of 96.
Aug 8: Trip Report
Four riders went to Ft Bragg for an over nighter. Trip report with pics from Rob.
Aug 7: Riders Gallery
Carl rode his new-to-him Moto Guzzi to breakfast.
Jul 27: Schedule
There was a fire at the Country Inn on De Anza. The schedule has been updated to go to the Country Inn on Saratoga Ave for the remainder of the year.
Jul 24: Riders Gallery
Mike led three of the four riders who came to breakfast to some dirty roads. The fourth rider, Russ, bought us breakfast then went off on his own.
Jul 3: Riders Gallery
Jag snapped some pictures of the group gabfest after breakfast.