The Breakfast Club: The Ride Home

Sunday, July 7 2019

Alberto Writes

Yep. I decided not to ship my motorcycle from Little Rock AK. Instead, ride that puppy home. [Unless Arkansas has been made part of Alaska I think he means AR – ed]

I flew San Jose to Little Rock and Buel picked me up at the airport.

Surprise! Buel’s entire family gathered at P. F. CHANG for a Chinese dinner… shall I call it “A good riddance party”. Finally they will be able to get rid of me from visiting (after the hospital)… but I threatened, “I will be back before you know it”. And I meant it.

Who knows when I will hit the road and come near Buel and Linda. I’ll stop!

Loaded my Motircycle last night and requested Buel make breakfast the next morning.

Buel gave me instructions how to head north to Kansas City MO. I am meeting with John and Laura. They are heading west from St Louis MO. We will ride together back to California.

While I am okay traveling by myself… not smart. It is safer to go with someone.

Up at five am, gee what a surprise, I could not sleep. Checked the motorbike. Buel is up and making breakfast. Eggs, toast, coffee, ok. More than I normally consume but it was going to be the ONE meal for the day.

Pigged out and 1/2 hour later I was on the road.

Up highway 40 all the way, exchange to 49/71 and take it to St Joseph, north of Kansas City. 460 miles. I will hustle to meet with John and Laura ( they only have 275 miles to go).

Along the way I got a message from them saying that they had started late. Okay by me! No need to hustle all that much. Still I made it in one pull. Stopped for gas twice, no lunch… just water at the gas station.

I arrived by 2:30 pm. As I am getting off my bike at a park in St Joseph my phone rings….. riiing! “Hey Bert, where are you?” - I am in st joseph, I just got here. John tells me that they also had just arrived. We agreed to meet at the Visitor Center of the town.

We are together and this ride now starts in earnest.

We got a motel… visited the Pony Express Museum and the Jessy James birth house house (really a dumpy cottage)…

Ride’m ! At the Pony Express

Ride’m ! At the Pony Express

Ride’m ! At the Pony Express
Ride’m ! At the Pony Express

Ride’m ! At the Pony Express

Ride’m ! At the Pony Express
Jesse Janes house, well, wa-we-wah!!

Jesse Janes house, well, wa-we-wah!!

Jesse Janes house, well, wa-we-wah!!

[Yes, Alberto wrote Jesse Janes house – ed.].

Had dinner (I am still not hungry).

I am ready to call it quits!

Planing tomorrow… John and Laura

Tuesday, July 9

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

St Joseph MO. Starting point

4:55 am… nah! These john and Laura are late risers, I rolled over. Next thing I know us 6:30 am. Amazing! they are stirring around.

No need to rush. Opened the drapes, rain! And plenty of it. On TV it showed 3-1/2 inches! That’s a lot of water. Looking at the weather app, it showed green, yellow and red all right over St Joseph and moving fast. I’d say wait a half hour and we will be in the clear.

Gosh! How good a weather man can I be. We departed by 8:30… just a light drizzle.

I put my rain gear just in case! What a fool!! No faith in my talent. 50 miles later we had to stop to remove the rain gear.

It was magnificent! Clear skies, hot and muggy (well, can’t have everything)

The rest of the day was just riding north (on highway 29) all the way to Sioux City, Iowa and a shirt hop to Sioux Falls South Dakota.

Our hotel. American Inn. Not bad runner by the grouchiest woman in America. She was a put-bull! And just as ugly!

From here:


Heading west young citizens !

We are aiming for

Keep you posted.

Keep that link that I texted you…it will continue showing where I am.

Laura doing laundry, You can take the Girl out if Mexico, but not Mexico out of the girl. Okay - I AM A CHAUVINIST PIG.

A random guy at a gas station… just like John!

Planing the day… they work at it. I ride.


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