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Sunday, June 9 2019

Alberto writes – Hutchinson

Rain! Worse, the rain is going the way we MUST go. Hope we do not track it all day.

While Lester and Chris sleep, Jeff and I went to the “breakfast” this motel offers. Dry oatmeal with raisins, nayyee! (Horse talk, in case you wonder - saying “WTF”. - sorry i will not translate). The coffee, or better yet, laundry water was meek. That warrants another WTF.

Here come the boys dragging themselves. Lack of sleep. Apparently there was a storm last night. Thundering and lightning… awww , no sleep. I did not hear anything. I slept like a baby… Yes!

Suffice to say that the town of Hutchinson will soon belong to a remote-faceless memory.

Hit the highway! Ahead lies 300 miles of nothing. First get thru Wichita, find highway 400, which passes by many small Kansas towns and stay on this highway pretty much all the way.

Could this happen without events? You must be kidding! We are the Four Musketeers and bound to if not find trouble,make it ourselves.

Lester leading the troupe makes a swift stop, taking everyone by surprise (including himself!). He thought it was a gas station, it was, but a closed gas station no longer dispensing gas. Dang! Everyone realizes this, and decide to go get gas elsewhere. Chris and Jeff take off like rockets. Lester sees them go and he cannot believe his eyes. “Where are these two bozos going”. They had taken the perpendicular road to highway 400, “they are going the wrong way!!”

Lester gets on his bike and zooms after them to collect them, all the way muttering obscenities to himself. Soon enough we catch up to the lost boys at a gas station.

Lester dismounts his iron horse fire spewing from his eyes,I won’t tell you what spewed from his mouth (you would a hazmat suit to handle it)

Everyone is aghast at this mild-mannered man delivering not exactly a praise. Throwing his beanie onto his bike for emphasis. Argh!!

Whoa!! Let this freight train get by if you want to survive.

Other gas station patrons look upon us like wild animals and they are ready to call the county vector control. No need folks! We are the finest of friends, just having a small chat.

And, just like that, we hopped on our bikes and went back to highway 400.

A few hours later, after a lunch stop we arrived at Bentonville.

The idea is to see the Walton Museum (Sam Walton’s wife created this museum - from what hear… fabulous!). Also to see the Crystal Museum (another fine museum, but I have no idea why?).

We shall spend the night here in Bentonville also tomorrow night. Sounds simple, yes? Well NO!

Chris wanted to see one museum, which will not open until 11:00 am. They suggest a minimum of three hours for this museum. After which, head down to Little Rock, Arkansas some 200 miles away by way of the Ozarks Park (a dream of a road, technically VERY challenging) in a hurry to go visit a friend (Buel) and arrive a ”day early” at MOA.

CRAZY! Crazy and double crazy! I said, go if you must. I will not rush the Ozarks. I’ll see you at Buels in Tuesday.

Aha!! A change if hearts… they are all staying. I am very happy to hear this.

Sometime around 6:30 pm , we are rushing. The restaurant closes at 7:30 and we are 13 miles away. Lester asure us that the AQ Chicken Restaurant has the best fry-chicken in the whole USA… ok, i admit, it was … chicken.

Back 13 miles and I can’t wait to go to bed, it is 10:09 pm…. WHOAT?!!

Good night all.



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