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Saturday, June 8 2019

Alberto writes:

Well! We are all together, no one has prematurely eaten or departed.

Today we make a bee-line to Wichita. Exactly, a bee-line. The map is a straight line, o my, the road us no different! What a discovery.

Wichita is 300 miles away. The day is starting at 76° F, and the wind is an easy 25 to 35 south to north. The wind is not uncomfortable, it is noisy. Fortunately, as Lester notices, it is steady and not gusty. Smooth riding.

It’s noon and the temperature has risen to 90° F and we have lost an hour.

You know, I hate to give all these details. Temperature, road number, and that kind of baloney. But today, nothing has happened, and nothing will happen… so be happy with this baloney.

Somewhere off the highway, short of Wichita. We are all getting gas. Bikes are loaded and top-heavy. What kind of trip would this one be if a bike does not go down. Ahh, you’d say, that Alberto, at it again. Remember it’s a new bike, I ain’t gonna do that. I am as careful as I can be with this new puppy. Who? Who would go down?

We were all too fast to go to the aid of our fallen hero, and because of that I did not first get my camera to record the even. Render aid?, well that comes second you all know that. I am an idiot for which I apologize. Who went down?

Let’s put it this way, and I quote: “besides a bruised ego, at least I packed the Bourbon properly, the bottle did not break”. I kid you not, that was the primary concern followed by “ah, shucks, I scratched my pannier yet again”.

We are 65 mikes from Augusta, Kansas. We’d better get a reservation at a motel. Uhh, smart thinkin’ Lincoln! So Lester, gets on the phone and the receptionist non-challantly informs him. “There is a basketball tournament in town, probably all motels are sold!” Ouch! And double ouch!!

Time to reconsider everything. Augusta is out. “Well, what if we stay here, since tomorrow is going to be a short-mileage day?” That was Lester. Wow! This guy is good!

Without much ado, he gets on the phone, Jeff gets on his iPhone and they are both looking. Lester gets the last two rooms with two beds at Days Inn, and as he is booking room one… the other room is sold thru the internet. Jeff goes, no matter! I just booked through the internet!

What are the odds that Jeff took Lester’s slow poke guy at the hotel list reservation! Well that sounds convoluted. It was and it is!

Bet result. We got a place to stay tonight. But, in each room one will sleep on the sofa, the other gets the bed.

Dinner. We ended up st The Texas T Bone Steakhouse. Chris, Lester and I had a regular size steak, Jeff had a Side of Beef! He says 24 oz, not quite, it must have been 28 to 32 oz. it was enormous! And the best part, he ate the whole darn thing… what a pig!!

This tale is done.

(No preview read… FORGET IT!) [The editor fixed some typos]

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