The Breakfast Club: Mid Week Ride

Wednesday, 12 Oct 2022

Pictures (and video) starts here.

Rob Writes

“Trust me I know where to go”

Lieutenant Weld does not lie. When in doubt just let him lead. It ususally works out quite well. Four of us went out on a mid week jaunt. We were all on BMW’s and the only request I had was to not go on un paved roads. I like to keep my bike clean and unscratched in the event of a fall down.

Chris Weld (“Pops”, yet another nickname), Jeff Zane (“JZ”), Rob Hyman, and Paul Bosco all met at the old Petes Henny Penny in Petaluma for breakfast. the weather was cool and around 56° as we headed north watching all the millions of communters head south into the city. Chris lead us past Windsor and Healdsburg to the Dry Creek Road exit to begin a great ride west and into the many wineries of southern Sonoma County. He had asked me if I had ever been on Sweetwater Springs Road and I did not recall ever riding that. “You’ll like it” said Chris and he was right. “It meanders by a decaying mercury mine with some steep twists which you’re not apt to forget”. See the photos

Meander we did and saw many a winery with very scenic rest breaks so some amongst us over 60 can do what we very often need to do. Sweetwater Springs ends up near the entrance to Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve. We took a break there and talked to visitors who admired our bikes. The next leg took us to Guerneyville and the Russian River heading west to Jenner. the roads were clear and the weather cool and it was a delight to be on this ride. Four is a good number of riders and we were able to stay together well.

We stopped for a great lunch at my favorite spot in Sonoma County and that would be the Tides Restaurant at Bodega Bay. See video of our new friend.

Pops and JZ headed back to Coleman Valley Road while Rob and Paul proceeded south. Paul took a detour to Dillon Beach and I took the Tomales Petaluma Road to 101 south bound. The total mileage for me was 206. What a great day!

Video and Pictures