Sunday Morning Breakfast Club FAQ

What is The Breakfast Club?

The breakfast club is a loose affiliation of riders who meet on Sunday morning and ride to breakfast. There may be someplace to ride to after breakfast; you are welcome to join, but feel free to go off on your own. The best we can figure the club has been going since 1949.

There are several weekend or long weekend rides planned throughout the year, too. Favorites include the annual trek to the Carson City/Minden/Gardnerville region and two rides to Death Valley, one in the spring and another in the fall.

Where do we go for breakfast?

Lots of places. Here is the latest list. A schedule is published the end of each year for the following year. The on-line schedule contains a link to a PDF version for printing if you prefer hard copy. If you leave your name and address with the keeper of such info you can have a hard copy sent to you in the mail.

How many riders show up?

Varies. Some rides have as few as 2-3 bikes, others as many as 25-30. Sunday rides typically bring out 8-12 bikes.

What is the boot?

The boot is awarded annually to a deserving rider. See the boot FAQ for more information.

How do I join?

Show up. We start at 7:05 AM Sunday Mornings near the Royal Donut Shop at the corner of Broadway and Laguna in Burlingame. If you are late you can meet us at the scheduled restaurant. The only rules are:

Introduce yourself to the riders. Say you found out about the ride from the club web page.

Many (most?) rides are to the south bay via 280. Riders that live south of Burlingame might want to meet the group at one of the following locations for those rides.

See the schedule for ride destination and the general route.

Here’s a short movie taken from video shot during a typical ride the end of June, 2009.

How do I quit?

Don’t show up.