The Breakfast Club: Lost hour

Sunday, Mar 14 2021

Chris writes

Well, everyone lost an hour of sleep but that didn’t keep four stalwart SMBC’ers in bed. They headed for Emil Villa’s restaurant in Livermore for a scheduled breakfast just the same. Chris Weld was the ‘coffee shop contingent’ and arrived to meet-up with Mike Geggie (SP?), Russ Danielson and Chris Rand, the latter NOT riding his newest acquisition. Ride after breakfast? Chris Weld was ready for Morgan Territory when Russ announced that we was going to re-visit an auto museum in Escalon. Escalon? Only 46 air miles distant per Garmin. It was a ride but sadly, the museum was closed and not likely to ever reopen, another ‘Covid death’. Chris Weld was looking for a scenic ride home, so was Mike. In true SMBC fashion, everyone went their own way for sundry reasons. Chris Weld opted for Corral Hollow with a pit-stop at the OHV park. The hills are approaching their prettiest.