Frank Simmons

Frank in 1982

Frank in 1982

The picture to the left is from 1982. Below is a copy of the “newsletter” sent out by Frank Simmons the end of June 1985. It is as exact as I can make it, i.e. I tried to copy the typos, too. Actually, there are more typos in the original in the form of overstrikes.

Frank in 1985

Frank's last ride

Frank’s last ride

Carl says: This was taken on Frank’s last ride … not planned that way, but just how things turned out. It was taken in June, 1985, just shortly after he wrote the following letter. Frank and I went to the Coffee Tree for breakfast on a Saturday. [I paid … And looking back now, it occurs to me that the shock may have been too great for his system!] I happened to have my camera handy, and the morning light made for one of those moments when it seemed as though it might be worthwhile to snap a picture.

As it may be obvious from the picture, Frank was happiest when he was on his old ‘72 Harley, heading down the highway. The bike had been rebuilt several times, and by many estimates had well over 200 thousand miles on it. Frank’s good friend (and mine) Don Lundberg kept the bike running with mixture of parts from a variety of projects. The muffler was a glasspack from a car, and had a really sweet sound. That old bike kept Frank young. Frank’s body finally gave out, but his spirit never did.

Newsletter from June, 1985

                               THE BREAKFAST CLUB
                                                          June 28, 1985

We start the new half of this year with a new Bulliten and also a new member---Yes,
we now have a new member--So, to start with, the Board of Dirctors welcome New
member, MICHELLE TYLER-----Talking about the TYLERS we want to state here that CARL
Director TYLER went all the way to CARSON CITY to make reservations for the CARSON
CITY RUN----AND, we will all be staying at the "BEST WESTERN TRAIL SIDE LODGE"==
DAVE AND JEWEL please copy---Phone number  702-883-7300----1300 N. Carson St...
GOT IT???? CARL made reservations for: Frank and Dorothy: The GALLEGOS PAMILY:
DALLAS YAMAHA TIME:  Now, to be sure of a reservation call CARL TYLER or the LODGE
direct------The night is for SAT. August the 24th---------DAVE AND JEWEL will meet us
DON LUNBERG----JOE YOHANNAN said last year he would come again this year--Bring DORIS
with you, JOE----Got a card fro LORRI in the Islands--she said she will be with us, too.
So, all we have to do now is get the mills ready for the trip to CARSON CITY--this is
our great event--do not mi~ss it--- Got a note from BOB VAUGHN--He had an operation and
will be off the bike for ahile--Get well soon ,BOB...Was good to have ZBYNNY on a
breakfast run recently--come again, BUNNY--Say-, DAVE, BUNNY should have arm rests on her
bike---We all agree----SO good to see FWR ROGER with us again---Bring JACKIE------
Might as well get the breakfast runs down here before we forget them--Here they are:
      JULY                     AUGUST                           SEPTEMBER
    ---------ETA 7:58        ----------                       ---------------
7----TILLIS                    4--TILLIES  ETA 7:58     7     1---TILLIES-ETA 7:58
14- -PAULS--ETA 8:02           11--GIANT HAMBURGER-ETA 7:54   8--PAULS-ETA 8:02
21--GIANT HAMBURGER-ETA 7:54   18--PAULS-ETA 8:02             15--GIANT HAMBURGER*7:53
28--ED's-7:59                  24-25-CARSON-CITY RUN          22-ED'S--ETA 7:58
                                                              29-TILLIES-ETA 7:51
_6-PAULS-ETA-7:56              Now, we have a time table thru October====-Lets enjoy
11-12-13-14-DEATH VALLEY       these times together    Remember, we will leave
------------------------       DONALD INIX DUCKS RESTURANT, Broadway Burlingame at
20-TILLIES-ET A 7:49           7:00 A.M.--We will neber leave the resturant BEFORE
27--ED'S--7:59                 7:00A.M.----Come there and enjoy a cit chat and cup of
                               coffee with JOYCE and CO.........

Since this will be the last report BEPORE DEATH VALLEY, we might as well get some info
about this famous event down in print now----As per the time table we will leave FRIDAY
A.M. at 5:12 for breakfast, then on the way south over our regular route--Stopping in
TAH-HATCH-a PEE for breadded veal cutlets and hamburger steaj--JOE AND DON PLEASE COPY+
Then, xxxx   on to the fmaous stop in TRONA for the traditional snack----THE SUPT says
this year DON can shift for himself--He does not want to miss the snack in TRONA---
So, get your vatterery charged DOM and GO all the way--No short cuts----- Now, as last
year, each rider can stay where she or he wants to---Many have axxx already mad e
reser ations--So, make yours where you want to stay and make the RUN....JOE GAVA says
he will be ready for the RUN---- Have not heard from HAPPY HARLEY-----MIKE BRANDT has
been in SACRAMENTO--Special assignment---Have missed the JORDANS ALTELY---We trust
EVELYN SMITH will be with us for the CARSON CITY DINNER----Where are the CHILLIGARIANS?
Good to see TERRY AND JOAN NOW and then---We miss them// Good to see CHRIS for breakfast
Where'-s FOOTSHIFTZ?????? HAROLD SIMMS is with us now and then--DAVE NELS0N will be with
us-in CARSON CITY---Where is TYCOON GEEN BILLINGS?? Sure have missed DALE AND RUTH---
And, JIM D. ?? DEREK has missed a few Runs--TERRY FINN just announced he will be too
busy to lead a group thru TITUS CANYON this year----Maybe MIKE OR DON would like the
honors---GLENN will be there in CARSON CITY----Will JIM PERRY come to D.V. ?
Please excuse the short report this time--But, the info about the TWO RUNS are here
and now make the dale clear on your time table try to be with us for these great events=
Thanks to PROPANE LARSONS for printing tis report----CARL needs a map to get to the
GIANT HAMBURGER--(Former HARLEY RIDER) Just thought I'd throw that in for COLOR----
Trust DON and JOE will make a breakfast RUN soon--We all miss you GUYS===More Later-

                                           As always, RIDE AFE