The Breakfast Club: Ft Bragg Ride

Friday–Saturday, 5–6 Aug 2022

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Rob writes:

Aug 5

Departed San Francisco and headed over to the Vista Point on the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge. The rendezvous time was set at 8AM. Four riders on four different bikes:

Breakfast was held at the Bayside Cafe in Sausalito. They have good food and we are never disappointed. Proceeded north to Lucas Valley Road to Nicassio then over to Point Reyes Station for our first pit stop. I was taught years ago, a good stopping point has at least some of the following: bathrooms, water, gas, food, shade, some scenery. The weather was in the 60’s and overcast. We chose to stay coastal as the heat is too extreme inland. Another group went to Murphys this weekend for a BMW airhead camp out but the temperature was forcast at over 100 degrees. Ugh!

Stretched out for a minute at the next site which was Nicks Cove on Tamales Bay. Its a great stopping point along the water and there are ususally boaters and kayakers present. Passed by the Tides at Bodega Bay and pulled over at the rest stop at Jenner. Jenner north is very windy in case you dont know. Great views of the Sonoma coast line. Pete did a slight detour and rode on Meyers Grade just north of Jenner. Had coffee at a great bakery (Trinks ) in Gualala then went up to the Zen House Motorcycle shop in Point Arena. Russ had his eye on a red Guzzi amongst other bikes. There was little traffic as we proceeded north to Fort Bragg.

Pulled in to say hello to Rob’s friend from his Chico days. Ron Braga had cold beers awaiting and views of the Noyo Bridge from his living room and fire pit outside on his front patio. Ron owns the Orland Inn off Interstate 5 in Orland with great rates if you ever need a room while traveling in NOrCal. We all ate at Silvers on the Wharf. I made reservations as this is recommended. The meal was great. Rob and Joe booked a room at the Coast inn and spa which is an exageration to say the least. Russ went to the Coast Inn and Pete pitched a tent in a campground just off of 20 a few miles east of town. Rob, Pete, Ron , and his friend Evan who is a local landscaper all had a visit at Ron’s house outside at his scenic fire pit overlooking the NOyo bridge and inlet. We stayed until after dark but did not drink alcohol since we were on the bikes.

Joe and Rob shared a room but Joe could not sleep for some reason? (Rob’s snoring perhaps) and departed in the middle of the night and went all the way home. What’s that saying we have?….. When you ride with us, you ride alone!

August 6, 2022

Ron gave Pete and Rob a tour of the grounds of the Noyo Harbor Inn which was a short walk from his house. We ate sitting outside overlooking the harbor. Russ too departed early and booked it home. On the way home we took the Comptche Road turn off and did a loop to get back to highway 1. There is a great section of road on 128 that follows the Navarro River Redwoods State Park. This was maybe 10 miles of riding through the tall redwoods, and may be a good location for a future camp out. Pete led most of the way home as we enjoyed the coastal views and cool weather.

Gualala and Jenner were once again short resting points with good views. Came back to the Bay Area via our old favorite Lucas Valley Road to 101. Rob split up from Pete in SF and Pete went home to South SF. I personally put on about 425 miles total for the round trip This was a good overnight and I highly recommend we do a group ride to Fort Bragg each summer. Let’s put it on the schedule for the first week in August!

Pictures from Rob