The Breakfast Club: Paso Robles Ride

Sat-Mon, Apr 17-19 2021

Chris W. sends these pictures with the comment

Water pic is Avila Beach, houses Cambria and ‘meal table’ at the nearby pizza house used 2 nights running, very good and reasonable.

Trip report follows the pictures.

Chris R writes:

Saturday 4/17

Others would rendezvous at the Estrella Warbirds Museum in Paso Robles on Sunday at 2PM, with some of that group staying till Monday, but until then, Chris Weld, Harry Bahlman, and Rob Hyman held a table in Flapjacks of Tres Pinos. Rich Penrose and I arrived within a few minutes of each other a bit after 8AM. If future meals are as good, I look forward to the SMBC July 25th Flapjack’s visit or an earlier non-sanctioned one.

After breakfast, we motored South on State Rte 25 to Peach Tree to Santa Margarita to Indian Valley, to Hwy 46 for Santa Rosa Creek Road into Cambria. Lunch was at Linn’s Easy as Pie in Cambria. As the day unfolded, it warmed up but was never more than a few degrees warmer than just perfect. We came back to 46 from the south out of Cayucos, just north of Morrow Bay.

After riding all morning and into the late afternoon, we arrived at Melody Ranch and checked in. Bryon Stutts met us at the hotel (riding a sparkling clean ‘05 RT he’d rented for the occasion). Work obligations delayed his arrival but couldn’t stand in the way of his passion to be on the open road…, so nice to see Bryon after too long. This kind of riding brings people together. That, and a few cold ones and good jokes. Dinner was at Paso’s Pizza Kitchen. No one left hungry

Sunday 4/18

Kick-stands up at 8, we proceeded on a ride to Fat Cats Cafe at Avila Beach. The ride there was via a route provided by Neil Harvey. Something about a route frequented by Vespas, but my God, what an amazing ride through scenic hills.

After an amazing breakfast at Fat Cats on the order of Flapjack’s (Flapjack’s Fat Cats… sounds similar), more scenic riding ending up at the Estrella Warbirds Museum in Paso via back-roads through Pozo and a break at Pozo Saloon, where a car rally was in full swing. At the museum, we met Carl Tyler, Ben Margolin, Tod Kennedy, and Russ Danielson. Only Carl and Ben came back to the hotel. Russ and Tod headed back to the Bay Area after their museum visit. The company of these 2 great SMBCers were missed over the next 24 hours.

Dinner at Paso’s was good the night before so we gave it another go.

Monday 4/19

Last but not least. The trip home started with breakfast down the road from the hotel, at Joe’s Place. With a fairly direct route back, we headed 101N to King City and then over Hwy #25 making a final stop at the gas station next to Flapjack’s in Tres Pinos. The gas station was the jumping-off place for our individual trips back to our respective homes. The only thing that could’ve made this trip any better, would’ve been if more of you were there.