The Breakfast Club: Gardnerville, 2015

Saturday, Aug 29 2015

Marc writes:

Alberto has sent a trip report for the Gardnerville ride, but is slow getting the matching pictures to me. Therefore I’ll start with my pictures. Just because.

Pictures from other riders are here.
Alberto’s report and pictures are here.

These were taken on Highway 4. I took 4 to Wolf Creek to see how bad the fire damage was in the place I usually camp.

I should have camped. Except I was in Santa Barbara on Friday. The fire was stopped about a mile from the meadow which borders the campground. On to Gardnerville.

Dinner wasn’t until 7:30. That gave plenty of time for catching up with those SMBC members that we only see on trips like this. Pictures were taken at the Westerner Motel where most of the riders were staying.

We walked to the JT where there was lots of time for more chatting. We weren’t seated until about 8 PM.

Dinner was pretty good. After dinner Dave G. started the proceedings and everyone got a chance to introduce themself and have their say. Somehow I got left out!

Bob, AKA Major WWWobble, presented the boot to Alberto after first making sure that other potential recipients had some time to squirm in their seats. After the presentation Rob held a drawing for some door prises. The last picture I took was of Gloria showing off the BMW cap she won.