The Breakfast Club: Gardnerville 2011

Saturday, 27 Aug 2011

Another year, another ride to Gardnerville, another awarding of the boot. This year the boot went to Helmut Frank who sadly passed away on the ride to Baja earlier this year. The award was a chance for SMBC members to share remembrences of Helmut.

I left a day early for a night of Camping in a primitive campground off of highway 4 often used as a staging area for pack trips into the wilderness. Pictures from the camp-out and my ride to gardnerville can be seen here.

Dinner was in a back room at the Overland Hotel this year. The venue was nice – a room to ourselves – but hot. The air conditioning wasn’t working in that room. I belive the consensus was that the dinner was OK, but not quite as good as what we got at the JT. Hopefully they’ll have the air conditioning fixed by next August.

Everyone I talked to had a good time. If you weren’t there you missed a great ride and get together. Come join us next year.

Pictures from Rich and Marc


Remembering Helmut

The boot