The Breakfast Club: 2010 Sequoia Campout [Gloria's pictures]

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Gloria snapped the above pictures as were were playing Paul Bunyan rough and tumble loggers… with a hatchet and a small machette. There’s a limit to available space on motorcycles and noone thought to pack a chain saw. That oversight has since been rectified.

Carl snapped this shot using Gloria’s camera at the Wuksachi Lodge. Something was broken in the kitchen so no hot meals were available. Good thing we were there for lunch where a cold sandwich was just fine.

Back in camp after spending some time at the river Carl and Marc asked Gloria which of us had the more blindingly white legs. She ruled it a tie. What do you think.

The last pic was of a camp visitor. He scrambled under my tent when we tried to get closer to take another picture. He must have eventually snuck away as I didn’t find a him there, flattened, when I packed up the tent Sunday morning.


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