Winter Ride, December 30 1999

Ring… Ring…


“Hi Marc, this is Mac”

“Hi Mac. What can I do for you?”

“How’d you like to go on a ride Thursday… up 101 and then over to the coast at Stewarts Point?”

When I said yes I was thinking about the past week of unseasonably warm weather. Mac, Jessica, Ted, Paul, and I left the city at 8:00 AM. 1.5 miles later we stopped so one of the riders could get some gas. The temperature was hovering around 37 most of the way up 101 to Petaluma where we stopped for breakfast. I’ve decided that heated grips are a good thing.

It warmed up quite a bit after breakfast, but the road from Healdsburg to Stewarts point was quite icy in many places. See the pictures taken around the bridge to Annapolis to get an idea of how icy.

From Stewart’s point we headed down 1 with a stop at Stinson’s Beach, then across the bridge and back home. Around 250 miles. Nice.