The Breakfast Club: East Bay Breakfast

Sunday, 19 Nov 2023

Harry writes:

Glorious sunrise at the foot of the Dumbarton Bridge. Eight riders (Margie, Marc, Carl, Mike, Russ, Chris, Harry, Jag) noshing at the Country Way in Fremont this morning, along with Tom joining us, looking spry with his new hip, and picking up the tab for us all. Happy Birthday Tom!!! Look forward to see you back on the bike in the New Year.

Afterward, some went off to explore the East Bay asphalt, while others ventured back across the Bay. I chose to drop in on a retired Stanford colleague who lives a few blocks away from the restaurant. Glad I did, as lots of memories were discussed and the Thanksgiving spirit has hit me.

Which leads me to remind all of the breakfast at Country Inn, Cupertino this Thursday, 7:40am.

If you can’t make that, hope to see you at the same spot Sunday. : )