The Breakfast Club: Umunhum

Sunday, 12 Nov 2023

Harry writes:

Another gorgeous November morning SMBC outing with Mike, Marc, Chris W, Rich, Carl, Harry, Jag, Todd, and Russ arriving at Bill’s Cafe for a great breakfast, courtesy of Rich. Did I hear trombones leading the big parade? Happy Birthday Rich!!!

After breakfast, a few ventured up to Mt. Umunhum for a scenic view of the valley and Monterey Bay. The square old radar building has been freshly painted, and with the fencing removed, a nice new pathway leads around the building for more great views.

Returning up hwy. 9 to Skyline and Alice’s, saw a lot of traffic due to road construction. Once again the chestnuts are for sale off 35, with cars stopping to make a left turn off the highway, in the middle of a sweeping 55mph corner by Castaneda Ridge road. A very dangerous situation. Next up, Christmas tree shoppers… You’ve been warned.

This coming Sunday, Country Way in Fremont, and then a Thanksgiving breakfast at County Inn Cupertino, 7:40am, for anyone wanting a morning outing on the 23rd.