The Breakfast Club: 2023 Boot Award Dinner

Saturday, 26 Aug 2023

Words and by Marc

Before dinner

The boot presentation this year was held at Harry’s Hofbrau in Redwood city. Harry, the 2022 boot winner, made all the arrangements which including reserving a back room. People arrived 5-ish for drinks and socializing. Several members not need for a very long time joined us for the evening.


About 5:30 people started standing in line to select their meals. The restaurant was busy with the line snaking back and forth 3 or 4 times and almost reaching the front door. It moved fast enough. We took our trays back to our room and enjoyed the meal plus some more socializing.


After dinner a mic was passed around (Harry was well prepared) and everyone had a chance to remind us who they were and mention any other comments that came to mind.

The Presentation

After introductions Harry took over again. He mentioned boot worthy actions performed by pretty much every active member. Many received an “award” to recognize their mishaps. After Jag had received his third (?) “award” Harry announced it was easier just to give Jag the boot.

Congratulations, Jag – the 2023 boot recipient.

Following the awarding of the boot names were drawn to distribute the various items people had brought; a few mystery bags, gloves, a near new helmet, tee shirts, several gift certificates, and a large bottle of Jack Daniel’s.

I believe a good time was had by all who attended. Those who were not able to attend missed out on some good times with friends. Hope to see a larger turn out for the 2024 event.