The Breakfast Club: Los Gatos Cafe

Sunday, 20 Aug 2023

Pictures from Jag and Marc

Breakfast at the Los Gatos Cafe. The usual gab fest after breakfast before Marc led much of the group up highway 9 with a slight detour on Sanborn Rd to, uh, let the traffic get ahead… yeah, that’s the reason.

Carl writes:

We had a good group this morning at the Los Gatos Cafe (and post-breakfast parking lot bull session). After what seemed half an hour, there was quorum (Rich P, Tom M, Jag, Marc, Chris R and me) that decided to ride Hwy 9 to Skyline to Alice’s. Marc was appointed ride leader, as he was the only rider who could remember how to get to Hwy 9. Without any drama, Marc got us to Hwy 9, through Saratoga and to the head of the line at the construction zone stop light for the new bridge they’re building just past the Saratoga Springs (Blackberry Farm for you old-timers) picnic area (see map below). Like most of us, I’ve taken this ride dozens of times … thinking to myself, “I wonder what that road to Sanborn Park is like?,” as I crossed the bridge and rode up Hwy 9. Today, our leader took that left turn and we (well, most of us) got to find out. Actually, Sanborn Road is a nice ride with lots of “up” in the direction we were traveling … and I’d never taken it, so that was pretty neat. And then, after the U-turn, there was lots of down and we were back at the stop light waiting to turn left across the new bridge construction. Clearly this had been a strategic maneuver on Marc’s part, because, after the downhill (Eastbound) Hwy 9 traffic had their turn, the light turned green for us left turners and gave us a clear shot all the way to the top of the hill and the intersection with Skyline. Well done, Marc!

As a postscript, Rich didn’t take Sanborn Road. He was the first of our group to arrive at Alice’s.