The Breakfast Club: North of the Golden Gate

Sunday, 13 Aug 2023

Jag writes:

During the trip, I was encouraged to write a report, but since I just got back home and in no mood to do any creative writing, I decided to use ChatGPT to help me write the report. The results were awful – I need to go take some “Prompt Engineering” courses! For example:

“Marco’s adventurous spirit led him to decide on exploring the Marin Headlands. Meanwhile, Carl’s thoughts were set on heading North in search of cheese. …”

Anyways, here is the non-AI enhanced version: I almost didn’t make it this morning and I was late for the breakfast, but I am glad I did, joining Marco, Carl, Chris W., Paul, Chris R. and Mike. After the breakfast there were several discussions, including upcoming camping. When it was time to leave, Marco decided to explore the Marin Headlands and Carl decided to go North. The rest of the riders (not including me) were talking about riding some roads that I hadn’t heard about, therefore, I said yes I would go with them. So, Mike led us to Panoramic Hwy and then missed a turn (perhaps due to slow drivers in front of him) which led us to Stinson Beach, where we discharged some morning coffee. After that Chris W. led us to Fairfax-Bolinas Rd. to Alpine Dam where we had a short break. Then we headed East toward San Anselmo where Paul and Chris R. parted ways. The rest of us kept going south on 101 until we all went on our destinations.

Marc writes:

I lied. Instead of going to the Marin headlands I took the turn to Fort Baker where I parked the bike and wandered around with camera in hand. Every once in a while the top of the north tower of the Golden Gate Bridge could be seen peaking out of the fog. Several times I also noticed a window open showing part of the south tower. And every time that happened there was something blocking me from taking a picture. By the time I moved the window had closed. Anyway, here are a few pics.