The Breakfast Club: Tres Pinos

Sunday, 23 Jul 2023

Marc writes:

Six riders for breakfast at Flapjacks in Tres Pinos this morning. After breakfast Russ was the first to leave, heading back toware home. Tom, Jag, and Chris R were going to take Panoche road looking for Yturiarte Rd. Jag says they didn’t find it but he know knows where it is.

Also: SMBC members defeated by a small water crossing! No Chris R in the photos. Either he didn’t join them or turned off during the ride.

Pictures from Jag

I’m not sure which way Rich went. He mentioned taking 128 toward Watsonville and then highway 9 to home. I had no plan at all and wound up turning onto various roads in and around Hollister, Dunneville, and Gilroy. I eventually hit 101 in San Martin. Along the way I discovered they grow more than garlic in Gilroy.

Pictures from Marc