The Breakfast Club: Elio's

Sunday, 15 Jan 2023

Carl writes:

This morning’s breakfast was at Elio’s in San Leandro. The weather was uninviting, so I drove a car. When I arrived at the restaurant, there was no one else there. Then Margie showed … also in a car. We were about to go into the restaurant when we saw a lone motorcycle pull into the parking lot. Greetings, Marco!! The three of us went inside and took one of he big booths so we could stretch out (and Marc could hang his wet jacket). Then Mike showed up (also in a car) with an 8-pack of cans of maple syrup straight from the Canadian National Reserve. Thanks, Mike! And there’s plenty of room for four in those booths. Then Russ showed up on his BMW all the way from South San Jose. Now we’re five to a booth and touching elbows. AND THEN … hello, Chris; and we were one close family.

Great to see everyone. Hopefully, next week’s ride to Bell Tower will bring dry weather.