The Breakfast Club: Boot Award Dinner

Saturday, 27 Aug 2022

Another year, another gathering for dinner and awarding of the boot. This year was again dinner at Nick’s in Pacifica. About 22 riders/family members were at the dinner.

Before Dinner cocktails

Seats, everyone

After dinner Dan makes a toast, Todd gets things going. Marc takes pictures.

And why did you get the boot

So who got the boot? Harry, a guy who wasn’t there. Remember, you need not be present to win. The boot will find its way to his hands soon enough.

Shree says he’s actually working. Mike is given special awards for sticking around when others are in need. A lot of hats, some tire repair kits, T-shirts, and other goodies were distributed by lottery.

Join us next year.

01 Sep 2022

Harry with the boot

Harry with the boot

Todd reports:
It has unceremoniously been presented to this year’s honorarium (or victim) Mr. Harry Bahlman.