The Breakfast Club: Restaurant Check

Sunday, 21 Nov 2021

Marc writes:

Instead of riding with the group to Fremont this morning I checked out a potential new restaurant in San Jose. No, I will not be adding it to the schedule. Food, speed of service, noise were all pretty “meh”. I didn’t even bother taking any pictures.

So instead I’ll include a short snippet of Jerry putting my e-bicycle back in my garage. He drove past my house yesterday and saw my garage door was open. He stopped to say hi. I noticed his curiosity regarding the bicycle and asked him if he wanted to give it a try.

He took it for a ride around the block. I wasn’t quite prepared with phone for his return so only got the final seconds of him putting the bike back in the garage.

Jag took some pictures (and video)

Pictures and video of the after breakfast ride.