The Breakfast Club: After breakfast ride

Sunday, 28 Feb 2021

Chris W writes

Harry wasn’t up to it but Joe Steiner, Chris Rand, Chris Weld and our two newest SMBC participants, Ron Rivera and Jay Bolduc were so it was through the City enroute Lucas Valley Rd.

What a day! Warm, low 70’s, kelly green hillsides, wildflowers and a whiz pot of those %^&%damn bicycle riders. This was all new country for Rivera and Bolduc, well, he was mounted on a brand new 980(?) Ducatti. We rode through Nicasio for the Roget-Noir Cheese Factory where the guys all shopped. (Thanks Nina for the cheese Joe bought (with Nina’s card – I suspect.) They’ve locked the restrooms at the Cheese Factory, only paying customers get the code. Here’s intelligence: Until the code’s changed, it’s 239* and be sure to hit the ‘star’ symbol.

Leaving the Cheese Factory the group was ready for scenic farmland and we found it on Chileno Valley (off the Petaluma-Marshall Rd.), which T’s into the Bodega-Petaluma Highway where we turned west for a whole mile, turning off onto Alexander Road (past the rifle/pistol range where they were doing a booming business (no pun intended)) and west again on Fallon/Two Rock Rd.

We crossed the Shoreline Highway (CA#1) and putt-putted through Fallon (3 houses) for the intersection for Whitaker Bluff and Middle Rd. e/r Dillon Beach and the mouth of Tomales Bay.

After a break (Jay and Chris W both smoke so these breaks ARE important), it was a tour up the hill overlooking Dillon Beach, couldn’t ask for a nicer day, very clear, even security (which flagged-us) was cooperative. It was a short double-back to Valley Ford-Franklin School Rd. for Whitaker Bluff (portion not previously ridden) and downtown Valley Ford – now looking for petrol for a thirsty Ducati. No gas. Onward, through Freestone for Occidental on the Bohemian Hwy. No gas and no gas. Hwy 116 at Monte Rio, turn right for Guerneville as there’s gas there.

Leaving Guerneville on Armstrong Woods Rd. Chris W. shared one of his ‘gems’, Sweetwater Springs Rd., which amounted to a rough paved path of not quite 9 miles of steep, narrow twisties through open range and redwood forest. When the group finally got to the end at Westside Road the turned right past the Hop Kiln Winery and a host of others, turning off for bridge over the Russian River on Wohler Rd. it was right on River Rd for a hundred yards’er so for Mirabel Park and the romp to Forestville and Hwy 116 through Sebastopol for Stoney Point south and an on-ramp to Hwy #101 and home.

Yeah, long ride but the smiles and company made it great! And, Chris Rand didn’t have to do this write-up!