The Breakfast Club: Christmas Lunch?

Sunday, 25 Dec 2016

Marc writes

Cameron’s pub at 1pm. Spread the word.

That was the text I got from Rob. I forwarded the info to the SMBC mailing list and got to Cameron’s about 8 minutes early to find Carl waiting in the parking lot. And this

Closed on Christmas

Closed on Christmas

Rob explaining

Rob explaining

The web page Rob checked told lies. But not to worry… he’d also checked out the Half Moon Bay Coffee place and it was open. Except by the time we got there it was closed. We kept heading up the coast.

Sams Chowder house. Closed.

All the restaurants in Princeton-by-the-Sea. Closed.

Half Moon Bay airport 3-0 cafe. Closed.

Nicks in Pacifica. Closed.

What we did find was parking. Great parking. The best parking on the coast. We also found an open Starbucks in Pacific Manor. It was better than the only other place we saw to be open – a 7-eleven. Carl may think otherwise as it took Starbucks 15 or 20 minutes to get him a tall cup of black coffee.

Thanks to Markus for picking up the tab. And any Christmas ride is better than no Christmas ride. Even when the destination winds up being Starbucks.