The Breakfast Club: Social

Saturday, 17 Dec 2016

Alberto writes:

“Hey Bob, I am thinking of having everyone come to my house, What do you think?”

“Very nice idea, Alberto. We used to do that years ago. Sadly, no longer”

WWWobble and me’self embark on the possibility of having what Bob called a Social. Okay, Bob, you communicate with everyone, “tell them whatever, at my house, with further details to follow.. In a way of testing the water and figure how many would be interested.

Right away, many suggested changing the date to January because this close to Christmas, many would be already engaged with social activity. others, as guessed, responded with the equivalent of “stuff it!” I already have an engagement on that date. Well!!

After a week, it came down to 12 possibles coming. Good enough for me. “Bob, we are going ahead, notify them of the final details”. “No, no, no, you tell them! he goes”. “Bob you are a chicken!”

Saturday, December 17, 4 pm or so, at my house. I’ll provide the food and drinks. Those inclined to bring something may bring an appetizer, or a desert.

I, muster up all my courage and notified the final details, and there we were. No way for me to back out. Alberto, it is time too panic. For those that do not know, this is the first time EVER that I have organized anything… It has always been my wife, Lynn, the champion organizer

Little did I know, almost everyone brought something. In the end we had more food than we knew what to do with it… EAT IT OF COURSE!. One thing to be said, no one went home hungry. Also, I , compliments of the guests, am well stocked with good wine for the entire next year. Almost everyone brought a bottle of wine - Thank you all!

First to arrive, and I counted on him arriving early, was Wwwoble and Polly. By 4:00 pm I was panicking that no one would come. Soon thereafter, like marching ants, one by one the house got filled-up

Mike Geggi, John and Laura, Bob and Irma, Polly and Bob, Bunny and Dave, Neils and XXX, Rich Penrose, Russ and Brenda, Harry Bahlman, Gerry and of course Chris and Pat. Ooops, forgot my wife Lynn, without whom this would have been a disaster (everyone say, Thank You Lynn!).

Yep, we were 19 SMBCers with nothing better to do, came to my house and do what they do best… TO HAVE A GREAT TIME. Me, the lucky winner!

To the many who could not come… yes, we missed you all (sniff, snif). Rest assured that we understand, and little did we care! Nah, next year I think we should attempt a Social, but In January, when all have had their obligations behind them and we all can frolic in the baloney that we are so good to tell each other - just like a Sunday breakfast parking lot gathering.

Thank you all for coming, to the first annual and final Social organized by Alberto. If I have it correctly, WWWobble volunteered to organize next year’s Social at my house or any place of his choosing ( I am 100% certain that he will deny the volunteering, mainly because he didn’t - I volunteered him!)