The Breakfast Club: Goose

Sunday, 21 Feb 2016

WWWobble writes

Brisk 41F morning going down the hill on Hwy 92, over SM Bridge (warmed to 50F), then south to Fremont for breakfast. Kind of a newish place (for us). Great service. Very fast delivery. Minimally acceptable product (imo). About the best SMBC can expect I suppose.

Then, a ride along Calaveras Reservoir. A little bit of fog. A couple micro climate valleys of brrrrrr. Wish I wore the electric gloves (which are in my tank bag). But mostly above the fog line, sunshine, trying to warm up — and doing a good job as we go along.

BUT, LOOOOOK AT CARL’S MOTO GOOSE !! Long time since he’s shown up on this one. NICE. WWWobble approved.

Alberto Sevilla (Mr. Avocado) and Markus (exported from Germany) refuse to get out of the picture, ‘cause they like it too.

Italian Harley, well yeah, sorta… BUT notice complete OHLINS front end. Rear too, but you can’t see it. CLEAN. And a treat to ride on Calaveras Road.