The Breakfast Club: To the coast

Sunday, 17 Jan 2016

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Alberto writes

It was meant to be a regular Sunday Morning Breakfast (Club). Yet, you knew, as you came down to Los Gatos, that it was special. Rich Penrose made reference to it… ” did you see the sunrise? It was stunning!” And I would bet that all of you did notice. For five minutes I was simply unable to explain the beauty of the sky.

Back to earth. Los Gatos Cafe, within minutes of our arrival was a mob scene, people were ten deep at the door wanting to get in. We were extremely lucky to be accommodated right away… Eleven of us! Marco said “it’s planned that way”.

Russ Danielson, Marco Hyman, Markus Baur, Stan Moore, Gerry granger, Rich Penrose, Harry Ballmer, Carl Tyler, Dick Zunkle and myself … Alberto. Oooops sorry, almost forgot the great wobbler… Major WWWoble (who rather remain anonymous).

The food was better than average, and the company animated. Enough said.

To the parking lot as usual for more of the same (yes, yes moto-talk and SMBC activity fore coming, the April overnighter to SLO.

I was set from the early sunrise that I was going to ride… Ride far. The day was just perfect. Closed overcast skies, a little drizzle, somewhat warm and not windy.

“Hey Russ, I am going to Santa Cruz and then north by the coast”. He decided to join. Shortly, Harry asks and he also joins, then Markus who joined but made an amendment: “yes, Santa Cruz but let’s cut from highway 17 to Black Rd”. That was okay by me, “just tell Russ”. I was concerned knowing that Russ is not that keen on mountain roads. Correct, at the exchange, Russ kept straight on highway 17, Markus, Harry and I detoured onto Black Rd and the mountains.

You must visualize, gray skies, a little drizzle, roads are wet but not an issue, relatively warm at 55 degrees or so. Neither Markus nor Harry required a fast pace, instead they rode as the road conditions indicated; not fast, not slow… Just perfect!

On Black road easy pace, once on skyline a bit more assertive riding. At highway 9, we cross paths with Marco Hyman who, with his characteristic flair of the hand-wave, heads to Alice’s Restaurant on hwy 35 while Markus, Harry and I make a left toward Boulder Creek.

Hot chocolate, compliments of Harry, and back on the road… Right at Felton Empire Grade, Smith Grade and Bonny Doon Rd and to the coast where the roaring ocean is quite a show of foam amid gray skies.

Heading north Markus leading takes a detour onto Pigeon Point. What a great stop! There, a decent Docent educated us the story of Pigeon Point lighthouse plus a few civil War stories that involved light houses. Fascinating! I recommend that if you see the US flag flying by the lighthouse … Then it is open… Make the detour!

We took a few pictures of the lighthouse and the active ocean and we were set to go.

“Where are we going?” I asked, Harry suggest the “General store, we can take a break there”… Huh? What is that? - it is in San Gregorio, he tells me. Ever been there?” Nope! “Well, then get ready to visit one of the coolest places, owned by a Stanford professor, so liberal, that It is better not to mention the name Bush”.

And off we went to the General Store.

What a pace! crazy people, nicknacs of all kinds, and the best supply of amusing hats. A four man band playing laid-back blue-grass like music with a jazz bent to it. I could have stayed all afternoon listening. But all good things must come to a end and it was time to get moving again.

Up highway 84, to Old La Honda Rd showing much falling rocks and fallen trees. Not a challenge not a threat to these good riders.

I was certain that the rest of the SMBC group would be at Alice’s awaiting our arrival. Aww, what a disappointment, not only they did not wait but the parking lot was deserted! Could the rain have anything to do with it?

The restaurant at Alice, however was standing room only. It was a mob scene, a happy mob scene.

Back to the parking lot… Hot chocolate, and twenty minutes later we were descending on highway 84. Markus north on 280, Harry and I south.

It was a great day!!