The Breakfast Club: March 7th ride

Sunday, March 7 2021

Chris R writes:

Harry Bahlman, Russ Danielson, Todd Kennedy, Chris Weld and I, met at Bill’s in Willow Glen and to our pleasant surprise, it was Harry’s Birthday. Happy Birthday Harry; and thank you. As we got up to brainstorm, a man, with his wife, eating next to us asked if we had a crescent wrench and Chris came through with that and much more. Within minutes we were all following Harry and I was excited as always knowing something special was in store.

We rode through Willow Glen to 17S and then onto Old Santa Cruz Highway. Harry proceeded to lead us onto Mountain Charlie Road. Soon I wasn’t wondering anymore why Russ had asked if we’d be riding paved roads. Mountain Charlie Road and a few other roads we navigated were barely paved, but not in this millennia. We all fared just fine and there was a time when a reverse gear proved its value in spades. The natural scenery from Los Gatos to Scotts Valley was beautiful, and it got even more incredible as we navigated roads whose names I either forget or didn’t catch.

We covered miles and miles today zig-zagging through places like Felton, Boulder Creek, and Ben Lomond. When on Route 1, we stopped to take in the view at Davenport Bluffs, as if all the other natural beauty wasn’t enough, but man can’t live on only that. Mochas and Milksakes at The Tree House Café provided a top-off to the great breakfast and once again, the views, roads, and food came in second only to great company. Commitments and other obligations pulled the group apart just before 3:00PM.