The Breakfast Club: The long way to Alice's

Sunday, 22 Oct 2017

Marc writes:

Hikers, birds, and Monterey Bay

Hikers, birds, and Monterey Bay

Harry suggested a longer than usual route to Alice’s from Duarte’s. His suggestion was to take Gazos Creek then jump on SR 1 south for about 15 miles to Bonny Doon, Empire Grade, through Big Basin State Park, etc. Almost everone at breakfast said they’d follow.

The group stopped at Empire Grade and Alba – I kept going. Instead of going through the park I took China Grade. The pavement is not getting any better, especially near the top. I stopped at the overlook near the top of 9 where I snapped this picture. I went on to Alice’s where eventually many of the other riders also stopped.

Nice day for a ride.